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From the lands where it’s born


We carefully grow and offer you the world’s most authentic and delicious almonds, which is one of the oldest fruit species in Anatolia, grown around the ancient Euphrates river in Mesopotamia, where agriculture first started in the world.

What make us different

The place where agriculture started in the world is ancient Mesopotamia. The most fertile parts of these lands, which also have the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate are in the Anatolian region and on the banks of the Euphrates river. We supply natural almonds planted in these historical lands. We deliver the almonds in the desired form directly from the farmers.

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We produce almonds in the most natural form possible in its original geography and original climatic conditions and deliver it to you.

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We offer the best & highest quality almonds of the fertile Mazopotamian soils where almonds have been produced for thousands of years.

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Our top priority is to develop long term cooperation with our farmers and customers based on quality, sustainability, price advantage and trust.

Business Strategy

To deliver the most natural & highest quality products to our customers with the lowest operational costs in a sustainable business structure.


With the network we have, we have the opportunity to guide our almond  producers to work in line with the demands of our customers.


We work with the most experienced people and organizations both in our company and in the fields we cooperate with.

Almonds in Turkey

Besides Turkey is the center of almond gene, has just become the world’s 5th largest producer of almonds by the year 2019. Today, 95% of production is consumed in the domestic market, and 5% is exported. With the production amounts increasing significantly every year, the export amount will increase significantly in the short term.

ha. Total almond cultivation area

Tons. Almond production

Tons. Export

M$. Export

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Best of premium almonds

Almonds produced on the Euphrates coast of Mesopotamia, where almonds were first planted for agricultural purposes thousands of years ago, are the best and most natural almonds in the world. Our company especially focuses on the production of almonds of this specific region and their delivery to consumers.

Control at every stage

Since we are a part of the production and we create a strong network with the producers, we are present at all stages of the products from the field until they reach our customers. In line with the feedback of our customers, we can easily implement the desired changes.








Our Passion

In the land where the history of agriculture is written, we grow the world’s most delicious and best quality almonds in a way that does not spoil their naturalness and offer them to you.

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The most important thing that creates Almondes’s brand value is its commitment to quality. We continue to develop B2B relations with our partners meeting on this common ground on the basis of reliability.


Future of Almonds

In Turkey, especially in Adiyaman province, there has being a big jump in almond growing fields. With the great support of both central and regional administrators, the amount of almonds produced is increasing almost exponentially.

“The almond garden area established in the last 10 years has increased from 171 thousand decares to 470 thousand decares. (+ 175%)”


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey

27% of the almonds consumed in Turkey is produced in the city of Adiyaman. We have a capacity of breaking 15 tons of almonds a day.

Omer Faruk OZBEK

Kahta Almond Processing Plant Manager, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Union

“Our goal is to reach 100 thousand decares of almond production area in 2023. Adiyaman city will be the land of almonds”


Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry

We grow the best quality and delicious almonds in the world, but we cannot reach consumption.


Chairman , Union Of Turkish Chambers Of Agriculture

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