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The fertile province of Adıyaman, which is within the borders of ancient Mesopotamia and surrounded by the Euphrates River (and the huge Ataturk Dam Lake today), has been home to almonds for thousands of years. Its air is ideal for almond cultivation and it can be easily dried naturally and stored in hot summer months.

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Almond Tree Varieties

Ferragnes and Ferraduel almonds are used as pollinators for each other in the orchards mostly. The development of the Ferragnes almond tree is excellent. The tree has a high level of resistance against diseases. The twin rate in Ferragnes almond is 0%. You can easily break Ferragnes almonds with your teeth.


Natural Process

Our almonds are naturally dried under the sun of Mesopotamia. The farmers of the region takes great care at every stage of the cultivation and harvest of the almond, their most valuable product.

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Shelling & Sizing

After harvest, the almonds go to a sheller plant where the kernels pass through a roller to remove the shells. Almond farmers follow a zero waste approach that ensures that everything produced is used. Almond shells can be used as bedding for livestock or fed to cows.


Storage & Delivery

After sizing, the almonds are kept in natural storage conditions until they are shipped or further processed into a variety of different almond forms . One of the biggest advantages of Adıyaman province is that its air is also excellent for almond storage. We work with Europe’s most reliable fleets in transport.

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