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Almonds consumed with great pleasure all over the world; It means a lot more for the city of Adiyaman in Turkey. For Adıyaman, which has hosted a great almond growing boom in recent years, almonds shed light on the future of the city.

Farmers living in this ancient Mesopotamian lands on the banks of the Euphrates River, where almonds have been planted for thousands of years, have been continuing to devote huge amounts of land to almond cultivation for the last years.

For this reason, almonds are not only an ordinary agricultural product for those farmers, but also a hope that promises a brighter future for their families. As people born in this city, we are also in line with this objective, primarily focused on the production & sales of the almonds produced in Turkey, especially Adiyaman Province.

We are proud to present the products grown in the ancient lands of the Adiyaman Province, one of the places where almond cultivation and production is increasing fastest in the world, to our valued customers.


Almonds are grown in larger quantities and higher quality day by day in the ancient lands where it was born. Many families in the region are dreaming of a better future for their children. We must provide all the support and contribution we can do for this.

Mustafa GUNDUZ, PhD.



Our leaders are dedicated to delivering on our Strategic Plan, capitalising on key market opportunities to drive profitable growth and to maximise long-term value.

Prof. Mustafa GUNDUZ

Prof. Mustafa GUNDUZ


Firat Coskun GUCLU, PhD.

Firat Coskun GUCLU, PhD.

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Our City & Our Almond

We offer you delicious and natural almonds grown in Adıyaman, which is one of the places where almond cultivation areas increase the most every year in the

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